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Power Tools

Power tools are special kinds of tools mainly powered by an external power source. Before, a steam engine or fuel engines supplied power tools’ energy. Nowadays, the most popular method for energy supply is electricity. Power tools eliminate the monotonous manual labor of hand tools by performing the repeated work by itself. In most power tools, a motor is rotated using electricity which generates the power to operate the tool. Here we will expand on some of the most used power tools by explaining their basic work process.

Drill Machine

A drilling machine is a machine for making holes in walls or other materials. It consists of a motor attached to a drill bit. The drill bit rotates when power is given to the drill machine. The drill bit has a sharp end that goes into the wall while making a hole. The bit is usually attached to the body with the help of chuck. Drill machines come in various sizes depending on the power output. The drill bit is also changeable between different shapes and sizes. In our website, we have discussed various problems and solutions of drill-machine like removing a seized bolt with no head, making a hole in a glass bottle without a drill, drilling A Square Hole In The Wood, removing a broken screw without an extractor, etc. We have also incorporated some best drill brits reviews.

Cordless Drill

A cordless drill machine is a special kind of drill machine that doesn’t have a power cord attached to it. Generally, drill machines use power cords connected to power outlets at home or outside. The cord carries current to the motor, making the drill bit rotate. But in a cordless drill machine, the power is supplied using batteries. These batteries are rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that can power the drill for a couple of hours.

Electric Screwdriver

An electric screwdriver, also known as a power screwdriver, is a rotating screwdriver used for turning screws and bolts. It is similar to a drill machine. The only difference is that the drill bit is replaced with a screwdriver. The screwdriver bits are also interchangeable. An electric screwdriver helps to quickly turn screws and saves time. This tool is portable and uses rechargeable batteries to power the rotating screwdriver.

Nail Gun

Nail guns are seen as a substitute for hammers among construction workers. It serves the same purpose as a hammer but is quicker, more precise, and power-driven. A nail gun is used for driving nails into different materials such as wood or concrete. In late 1950, the first nail gun was introduced in the mass market. It had a pneumatic driver system that used compressed air to actuate the front part of the nail gun. Modern nail guns use electromagnetic mechanisms to drive nails into materials. A nail clip is generally attached to the gun, which drives nails in a continuous motion when the trigger is pulled.

Angle Grinder

An angle grinder is a handheld power tool used for grinding materials to give a better finish on the surface of the material. It is made of a disc with an abrasive surface that rotates. A motor powers the disc and enables it to rotate. An angle grinder has handles to use both hands to handle the tool with high precision. The abrasive disc gets worn out with a long period of use, but they are easily replaceable with new sets of discs.

Disk/Belt Sander

Belt Sander

Sander is used for giving a smooth finish to any surface using sandpaper. The method that smoothens the surface is known as abrasion. Abrasion is the method of scratching and rubbing an uneven surface using an abrasive material to make the surface even and smooth. Sanders have massive usage in the woodworking industry. A basic sander has sandpaper attached to a rotating mechanism. A motor is used for rotating the sandpaper. The sandpaper can be put over a disk or a belt, where the disk and the belt will rotate. If a disk is used, then it is called a disk sander. Otherwise, the sander is called a belt sander if the sandpaper rotates with the help of a belt.

Orbital Sander

Another type of sander available in the market is the orbital sander. This sander allows the user to give an ultra-smooth finish to the surface that is being sanded. It is more powerful compared to other sanders but also consumes more power.


A chainsaw is a machine-powered saw used mainly for cutting trees and wooden material. A chainsaw has a belt attached to a set of saw teeth that rotates with the help of a chain. A chainsaw can be powered by either gasoline or electricity. Modified chainsaws are used for ice cutting purposes. There are some special chainsaws that can even cut concrete.


A joiner or a jointer is used for cutting ports or slots into the narrow edge of a wooden board which can be used for gluing or joining with other wooden boards. A joiner, sometimes known as a biscuit joiner,


Jigsaw features a reciprocating blade that can be used for cutting wood and other soft materials. A regular jigsaw has a motor that helps a sharp blade reciprocate back and forth. When the tool is kept over wood or metal, it starts to cut the metal using the blade. The blade used in a jigsaw is a saw-like blade with a small sawtooth set all around the blade. A jigsaw is powered with a direct current line. Some portable jigsaws can be powered using batteries too.

Reciprocating Saw

A reciprocating saw is the same tool as a jigsaw, only bigger in size. It can be used as a substitute for a chainsaw for cutting various materials. A reciprocating saw being bigger, uses more power than a jigsaw.

Air Compressor

An air compressor is used to compress air in a tank that can be used for various purposes. An air compressor uses a motor to suck air into the machine and store it inside a tank. The air is stored inside the tank as potential energy. The compressed air is later used as high-pressure air for different jobs. Air compressor is one kind of pneumatic machine. It is slightly similar to a pump, but it carries liquid, whereas an air compressor carries air.

Heat Gun

A heat gun is a powerful tool that can blow heated air into surfaces. It is a handheld device similar to the shape of a handgun. The front of the heat gun emits hot air, which can be controlled using a trigger attached to the bottom side of the device. A heat gun can emit hot air up to 550°C temperature, which is roughly 1000°F. A heat gun works on the same principle as a hairdryer. A metal coil is heated inside the gun as air is blown through the gun using a fan attached to a motor. The air heats up because of the heated coil. Then it flows out of the front part of the heat gun.


A lathe machine is a heavy power tool that performs workpieces by rotating them on different axes. A lathe can perform various operations such as cutting, facial, drilling, knurling, broaching, turning, and facing. Lathe machines have two holders for the workpiece. The front and tail heads are used to hold and rotate the workpiece. A cutting tool is held with another holder placed perpendicularly to the axis of the workpiece. The tool holder is movable. The tools are moved over the workpiece when the workpiece rotates. This allows the tool to perform various operations on the workpiece.