My Essential Garden Tools

This piece is in partnership with Gardena, Europe’s leading brand of high quality gardening tools.

In today’s video it’s time to harvest the garlic and prepare a bed on the new half-plot to be planted with spring cabbage and brassicas. I’ll also be trying out a new tool that I was sent by Gardena. It’s one that I’ve not seen before and was really curious to try out.

For years I’ve kept just a few basic tools at the allotment. I’ve gotten by but it’s been difficult to add any more due to space constraints — I have a single space in the rack inside the shed.

That’s why I’m genuinely excited by the Combisystem — it’s a single handle and 80 different tool-attachments. Hoes, rakes, cultivators, you name it. With it I can replace 3/5 of my old tools AND be able to add specialty tools like the lawn edger to the mix. I’ve always wanted one but couldn’t justify it before.

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