LA Police Gear – Torque Precision FC Hook (Instruction)

The “FC” in FC-Hook stands for “Fully Compliant”. Fully Compliant is a brand statement that represents an attitude against the State shared by many professionals in the firearms industry throughout California and the rest of the Nation.


Fully Compliant also represents the spirit of the law with regards to the “FC-Hook”. Just as a “shotgun plug” prevents a shotgun from holding more than three shells to make it compliant with certain State and Federal firearms laws, the “FC-Hook” prevents anyone from removing a detachable ammunition magazine from an AR-15 thus making it compliant with State and Federal firearms laws as a non-assault rifle.


The FC-Hook is a made in USA, patent pending, Magazine Catch device that contains a spring-loaded detent-plunger that is built into the Magazine Catch with laser-guided surgical precision. It replaces the AR rifle’s standard mil-spec Magazine Catch. It works with the RADD Lock, the California Bullet Button, and any standard mil-spec Magazine Catch Buttons.


The FC-Hook is installed on the firearm in such a way that it cannot be “readily removed.” It permanently attaches a California approved 10 round magazine into the magwell. The magazine cannot be removed by any means while the action is closed. The magazine also cannot be readily removed while the action is open. This performance of the FC-Hook converts your AR Lower Receiver into a “Fixed Magazine”, semiautomatic, centerfire rifle type for the purpose of augmenting your rifle (or receiver only) so that it does not meet the criteria for categorization as an “assault weapon” as defined in Section 30515.


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