Horizon T303 Treadmill Review [2021]

Horizon T303 treadmill overview
In the Horizon T series, the Horizon T303 is the top improved model, building on the previous two models. The T303 is a low-range treadmill given its price range, but it offers many premium features, making it an advanced treadmill in its range. Unlike the T101 model in the series, for example, the T303 has a larger Deck due to the 5″ increased length. This means it can accommodate taller individuals.
The motor CHP and maximum speed are also higher than the two earlier models in the series. The 3.0CHP and 0-12mph speed support high-intensity interval training, although not for too long. The 0-12% incline also varies the intensity of your workouts and targets specific muscle groups. The Horizon T303 also offers convenience not just in its foldable design but also in its control.
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