Effective Tools For Pandemic Leisure Time

During this CORONA Pandemic, to keep oneself busy and to keep mind set positive, one can find out small home projects at home to utilize the time and be productive. Some effective tools would encourage you to bring forward the initiatives and launch with a happy mode. Here are some essential tools to set your course tailored and designed. You can buy them in less than $100.00 that will always be your part of essential tools after the pandemic is over.

Power Tape

This tape is far more stronger and easy-to-handle by the users. The main advantage is not to loose its effectiveness even after using for a longer period or even after exposure to moisture. A good quality power tool uses fabric-based sheets that folds easily by hand but sticks to itself for quick wrapping and longer staying power. It keeps users free from pre-wrap and adhesive spray. Its helpful for trainers and athletes as long as it doesn’t use a skin adhesive and because the material is soft.


Also known as stud sensor or stud detector is an integral part of your tools-set especially for the wooden buildings to find out the attaching studs behind the walling surface. Usually there are two categories- electric stud finders and magnetic stud finders. Magnetic locates the studs by magnet and It can detect metal studs. For the houses built with metal mesh lath and plaster its not likely effective, here comes the need of electronic stud finder that uses sensor to locate any kind of studs.


A great fastening device used to hold or secure heavier objects tightly to move it from one place to another safely. During this pandemic leisure you may think of some interior changes for a different look and settings which would refresh the mind of you and family members. Its uses are universal that you need always. There are different types of quick grip clamps in amazon and alibaba you can see and choose as per your needs.


It’s a must have simple handy tool to serve many different purposes. You would like to keep yourself busy with some interior modification at home and to repair of fix something in home and garage, this tool is something make your works done effectively and properly. It’s a set of L shape hexagonal single piece of hard metal. It has blunt ends to fix firmly into the screw socket and to loosen or tighten the screw flexibly from other end. Different size of keys are used for different kind of screws with different socket size. Its an essential tool all through our lives in home and out.


For a bit extensive purpose in your pandemic leisure activity, the torque wrench set is another effective tool. It will help you to tighten the screw or bolt with specific torque for particular application that permits proper tension and loading all the parts. There is a wide-variety of torque wrench sets in online in various quality and with different numbers of sockets sets starting 4-6 pieces up to hundreds.


It’s a key-tool that you definitely have for your home and for camping in country-sides. This long-handled axe is needed to split piece of wood for making beams and firing and for many other purposes. Usually the head-weight varies from 6 lbs to more that 10 lbs but its effectiveness lies in the quality of the head metal. You should select one with a maul of high quality die-cast so it can withstand the metal to metal contact without chipping. But be careful of the dangers with the inexperienced splitters not to harm oneself and other.


Even if you are little lazy to do the cleaning job at home, this pandemic drives you to try a bit. In fact the cleaning job at your home is enjoyable and a good source of leisure activity. With Wet & Dry vacuum, its more fun for you. Its an excellent device that cleans your floors, upholstery, draperies and other surfaces with its suction of debris, dusts and dirt. It also helps you to dispose of the dirt easily. There are a variety of sizes and models in different price ranges you will find in amazon and alibaba.


You can’t imagine a leisure activity in home without this tool. Whether it’s a cleaning job or to fix something or load/ unload something from the top storage, this is the most essential. Its compact, portable, stable and easy-to-carry. There are different qualities in aluminum steel and fiber glass materials. You must consider your weight to choose a domestic ladder for you. Based on type of home and sizes of your home, you can select the right number of steps for your needs.


This is another essential tool you need to make your small home project jobs done. Nowadays power cordless drill sets are popular as it keeps you free from winding and unwinding the wires and to move at ease for drilling at any place you wish. If you have a drill, you should have a comprehensive drill bit set. It doesn’t matter if you have your own home or you are renting an apartment, you will eventually need a drill driver set. There is a wide-variety of ranges in different range of prices. Within $100, you will find a good quality of drill sets with enough number heads and pieces.


Even if you have no interest in wood works, you would still think to buy a power sander. Because sanding is a hard work and time consuming, but a power sander makes your job easy and short. There are corded and cordless sanders, so with the cordless one, you will find it more user-friendly. Why not giving a thought to make a small piece of furniture or a shelf or something similar when you will have this tool? Make your pandemic leisure time valuable, motivated and worthy.