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Best Drill Bits for Drilling Out Broken Bolts(Easy Checklist)

Top Drill Bits Top Drill Bits Best for Drilling Out Broken Bolts

You will be shocked to know how common of a problem broken bolts are. One may think that a bolt is made of strong metal, and there is no way it will break. But various reasons may cause breakage in bolts after they are fitted in place. Sometimes the breakage may occur in the middle of fitting the bolt. When bolt snaps, the threads on the fractured end may be entirely stripped, requiring drilling. Overtightening the bolt is a common cause of this. If the bolt is stuck where it can’t be removed, it must be drilled out. There are several different bolt extractors on the market today. All of the items are competitive in terms of features, build quality, applications, and costs. Because this is not a tool that you buy every day, and you must choose the right product to remove broken bolts. Today, we will discuss some of the finest drill bits available for removing broken and stuck bolts.

Is it possible to drill broken bolts?

Broken fasteners aren’t uncommon, which is why the tool industry has devised several inventive methods for removing broken bolts and studs. Sometimes to pull out a broken bolt, all you need is a hammer and a chisel, as well as a bit of persistence. If the hammer and chisel method fail, you’ll have to attempt drilling the bolt out and extracting it with a bolt extractor. If that doesn’t work, you’ll have to drill the bolt out just shy of the threads in the hopes of removing the remaining parts caught in the threads gently.

List of Top Drill Bits (by Brands)


The drill set from Irwin comes with ten drill bits. The bits have deep flutes that enable them to dig deeper into any material. Irwin drill bits will come in handy when you need to drill out bolts. The extractor and the drilling bit are robust and durable since they are made entirely of cobalt. The design of these drill bits makes removing bolts much more effortless. A ten-piece set of varying sizes allows for removing any size of bolts.

The 10-piece IRWIN HANSON is named after the company’s founder. They are top-notch drills that are used for removing damaged or stuck bolts. Picking this set will make anyone confident as these extractors will not misalign from the bolt easily when you use them with aggressive force, as the extractor features a left-hand design for enhanced gripping force.

The spirals are forced deeper into resistant metals as the tool is spun, making the grip of the bolt extractor stronger. The drill bits are shock-resistant and built to withstand the most extreme situations. They become embedded into the metal if there is high force and high resistance during drilling, allowing them to hold drill bits with more turning power. 

Because the increased distortion helps them grip better, you can drill more precisely with more torque. Keep an adjustable range if any extra force is needed while removing the bolt.

Irwin also provides a compact case to store the drill bits very easily as there is clear labeling on each tool. Included dividers make it simple to organize the drill bits. These are sturdy, high-quality components that will endure for a long time.

1. Drill bits have various uses besides bolt extraction1. These drill bits are small
2. Upgraded gripping system2. Requires a good amount of torque
3. High resistance materials
4. Newcomers can easily use


Neiko drill bits are premium quality drill bits suitable for any type of drilling. The bit is made of HSS steel with a titanium nitride coating on the surface for enhanced hardness and corrosion resistance. This drill bit presents a left-hand design that is usable with reversible drills to extricate badly rusted bolts more easily. 

The NEIKO 10037A drill bit is made with HSS steel with a titanium coating. With such strong protection, you can effortlessly manage hole drilling or bolt extraction jobs. The resistance between the bit and the workpiece is also improved by titanium coating. Simply use the drill bit to release the tight bolts or bolts on your machine. The bit has a twisted shape that allows it to cut at an angle of up to 135 degrees. You may place the bit on your material and have it automatically centered itself—the preloaded storage box aids in the easy organization of the pieces.

It’s simple to move the parts about, and you won’t lose them while doing so. Though a precise torque, speed, and control combination are required, the drilling process appears simple after working a few times with this bolt extractor.

1. HSS steel ensures corrosion resistance1. The small-sized bits get damaged quickly.
2. Drill bits are easy to store as they are numbered with metal index
3. HSS steel makes these drill bits durable


Bosch offers quite a range of different drilling set models. The BSPE6D model offers a set consisting of 12 pieces of drill extractors. The bit is made of HSS steel with a titanium nitride coating on the surface for enhanced hardness and corrosion resistance. These drill bits are also built with a left-hand design and may be used with reversible drills to extricate badly rusted bolts more easily. These drill bits are also numbered with laser cutting technology.

1. These drill bits experience less edge chipping1. It Doesn’t feature a vast range of bits.
2. Has better grip on bolts
3. Rust-resistant to a great extent


EasyOut brings the Essential Extractor Tool Set to the table, one of the most user-friendly sets of bolt extractors available in the market. The Essential Extractor toolset is the most straightforward and effective way to remove all of your tough screws and bolts with the least amount of effort. Simply drill a hole in the screw head using a drill bit smaller than the screw head’s diameter, then reverse your drill to take it out.

1. Drill bits last longer1. Small bits easily gets lost
2. Easy maneuvering even for newcomers2. Not applicable for multipurpose usage.
3. The company guarantees the bits.


Topec bolt extractor features a massive 35 pieces of bolt extractor ranging from very small to very big bolt extractors. This helps to combine the different sizes of extractors while extracting a seized bolt. The bits are also made of carbon steel, making them durable and long-lasting. The only issue we can see is that dealing with stainless steel makes it tough to utilize. On the other hand, the drill bit made of cobalt as key material isn’t ideal to use as a steel extractor. Still, while tuning up more significant torque to lower-capacity tools, the Topec bolt extractors work well for various bolt materials.

1. Offers a wide range of extractors1. It cannot use on steel bolts.
2. Easily storable

•Amazon Basics:

Amazon has its own set of bolt extractor sets that you can find under the Amazon Basics section. It comes with 21 pieces of drill bits in a black box. For further stiffness, the pieces contain an HSS steel layer and a black nitride finish. Even on hard surfaces, the bits are quenched to produce zero edges. You may lay the bit directly on your work area for quick drilling and clean cuts. Try the Amazon basic drill bit if you want to avoid chipping or uneven edges.

1. Works on multiple types of bolts.1. Small bits tend to go through breakage failure.
2. The small bits don’t bend easily
3. Amazon provides a full-year guarantee.

• Drill Hog:

The Drill Hog drill bit extractor is a budget-friendly near-perfect drill bit especially used for drilling out bolts since it comes in all the sizes that will work on any bolt. With Niobium Nb41 Steel as the main component, you can expect top-notch performance. A left-hand thread design aids a drill bit’s penetration of the material while preventing any movement before removal. Between the bits and the screw or bolt, the flutes additionally function as a resistance marker.

1. These drill bits can be used for both drilling and extracting bolts1. The chipping effect can be seen on the small bits.
2. The bits don’t wear out under high pressure.


Dewalt has a versatile collection of bolt extractors in its product lineup. The DW1361 has 21 pieces of drill bits of different sizes. It is the most budget-friendly set of bolt extractors you will find in the market. This package includes titanium-coated drill bits. The tips are also tapered, which protects them from breaking if too much pressure is applied. These two characteristics make these drill bits exceptionally long-lasting. They work best with wood and plastic. If you’re drilling hard materials regularly, keep in mind that you may need to sharpen the bits more regularly.

1. Best value for least price.1. The bits need to be sharpened regularly.
2. The titanium finishing adds to prolonged durability.
3. It comes with a durable storage box.


The Milwaukee Shockwave drill bit set is one of the highest quality drill bits sets available in the market. It offers a 23-piece drill bit with a greater life span compared to other drill bits. Titanium nitride is applied to the HSS steel pieces. The pieces have a variety of powers because of this coating. For starters, it makes the parts extremely corrosion resistant. It also improves the heat dissipation of these drill bits, which is an essential aspect of cutting tools. These titanium nitride-coated bits can readily cut through more rigid surfaces.

1. Drill bits are resistant to corrosion1. The metal coating wears off easily.
2. Has high longevity comparatively
3. Suitable for a wide range of materials


This 6-piece set is ideal for removing hard-to-remove bolts. Getting your broken bolt taken out and getting things back on track has never been easier, thanks to its extension tip and drill bit. Drill bits are included in this Damaged Bolt Extractor Set to extract a variety of stripped bolts. Drill bits in five different sizes are included in this complete package. With this six-piece kit, you can remove stripped and damaged bolts from wood, plastic, drywall, and metal.

Each bit is made of tough high-speed steel and comes in a handy aluminum storage container. The drill bits may be used with any drill to swiftly remove stripped bolts from machines, home improvement projects, and other applications.

These drill bits are made of HSS 4341 HSS Steel and are designed to effortlessly drill outstripped bolts. The hardness of these damaged bolt extractors is 50-63 HRC (hardness level). This long-lasting HSS steel material ensures long-term performance and unrivaled durability. Most broken bolt extractors are made of HSS, which does not fracture or shatter while drilling outstripped bolts or other fasteners that have been overtightened. Drill bits made of HSS have a high hardness (63HRC), which gives them the strength to drill out even the most obstinate bolts.

1. The drill bits are ready for tough bolts.1. Offers a small range of drill bit sizes.
2. The HSS steel makes the bits durable and rust-resistant.
3. It makes drilling effortless.


Alden 8440P is a bolt extractor from Alden that is made to work with variable reversing drills. It’s a combination of a double-sided bit with a clean and hardened driver that’s ideal for extracting broken bolts and nuts. The four bits are varied diameters to accommodate a variety of bolt sizes. It can remove a variety of bolt types. Other characteristics that will appeal to buyers are ferrules, which decrease friction. Less friction allows the extractor to gain high torque. It’s composed of high-quality steel and may be used with variable reversing drills.

The bit will start to turn as you start drilling. This will result in high torque for the stubborn bolts, making extraction easier than ever. This product is backed by a warranty from the manufacturer, demonstrating the company’s faith in the longevity of the tools.

1. A quick-connect mechanism makes drilling easier.1. High torque requires more power.
2. It can remove both bolts and screws.
3. Allows multiple bolt extraction with the same tool.

•VCT Jobber Drill Bits:

The VCT 29PC Drill Bit Set, built of high-strength steel, can handle even the most difficult bolts. You have many options for drill bits for drilling and removing broken bolts, all of which are of different build quality.

The topmost most common materials used in drill bit manufacture are cobalt and carbide. Drill bits made with High-Speed Steel are typically better choices since they are durable and perform well with challenging materials like cast iron, stainless steel, and fiberglass. They are capable of drilling through abrasive materials, metal, wood, and drywall.

The metal box that comes with the VCT 29PC Drill Bit Set makes storing a breeze. Each tool has its storage hole in the case. Each drill bit has a measurement/size on the side. This will assist you in determining the appropriate tool for the broken bolts.

1. High-quality build with maximum durability.1. The VCR Jobber is a bit on the pricier side.
2. The box that comes with the drill bits provide an efficient storage facility.


Segomo DB230 is a promising set of drill bits. This 115-piece drill bit set is almost half the price compared to the other drill bit sets in the market. The Segomo DB230 Drill Bit Set is made with High-Speed Steel (HSS) with a layer of titanium as extra coating, ensuring further durability and strength. Given the price, the build quality is exceptional.

The layer of titanium protects the set against corrosion and increases its longevity. Because of its high-quality build, there is no chance of the drill bits falling apart when working on bolts that are stuck or seized. It may be difficult to organize and store with so many drill bits in the Segomo DB230 Drill Bit Set. Solving this problem, Segomo bits come with a robust casing with information on each bit’s sizing. The container has a section for tidy organizing, and storing all the bits in one place.

1. The drill bits are constructed with corrosion-resistant HSS steel.1. Bits get damaged comparatively quicker when used against tougher bolts.
2. This drill bit set has a huge collection of bits.2. The storing of the bits proves difficult.

How to remove a broken drill bit (Step by Step)


Start by drilling into the bolt that needs extraction. The size of the broken bolt will determine the size of the bit. These drill bits should be smaller than the bolt head or if the head is broken off the bolt body. Drill the tip of the bolt into the exposed bolt’s center top. Turn on the drill and pull the trigger to drive these drill bits right through the metal bolt to a quarter-inch depth.


Now stop drilling and focus on the newly drilled hole. In the cavity formed by the drill, place the bolt extractor on top of the bolt. Using pliers, grasp the top of the bolt extractor and crank it counterclockwise to dig into the bolt. Continue to twist the bolt extractor until the broken bolt’s surface is elevated above the entered point.


After that, put the bolt extractor aside and grasp the broken bolt’s raised tip with the pliers. Twist the bolt counterclockwise until it is removed from the surface.

What to Consider Before Buying Bolt Extractor Drill Bit

When you are fixated on buying a drill bit for extracting a bolt; there are some things to consider before going to the hardware store and buying it. This is important because you need to match the size with your stuck bolts. If you bring the wrong set of extractors, then it won’t fit with the bolts. Here are some things to consider before buying a bolt extractor:

  1. The material of drill bits should be tougher than the material of bolts.

2. The extractor design should be matched with the design of bolts

3. Try to buy drill bits that have an extended range of usability.

4. These drill bit sets should have an efficient storage box.

5. Drill bit manufacturer companies should have a good reputation and after-sale service.

Can a drill bit break? What to do when a drill bit Breaks?

A drill bit can suffer from breakage failure in the middle of drilling. When this happens, these drill bit breaks at the end, which is at the front of the drilling machine. Most of the time, these drill bits can be taken out using bare fingers. But some of the times, these drill bit gets stuck inside the hole. At a time like this, these drill bit needs to be taken out with pliers. Simply grip the bit with a set of pliers, twist and turn these drill bit, and take it out from the hole. After removing the broken drill bit, replace it with a new drill bit with the same diameter.


The problem with broken bolts is as common as it gets. If you are working with bolts regularly, you are sure to face broken and seized bolts at some point. So, it is best to be prepared with a good set of bolt extractor drill bit sets. By going through this article, you will quickly understand which drill bit is best for extracting your broken bolts. Check our other articles related to power tools from our website.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you drill out a broken drill bit?

Yes! It is possible to take out a broken drill bit using a suitable screw or bolt extractor. The drilling method to drill out a broken drill bit is essential when you cannot take the broken piece with a set of pliers. The first thing to procure is a drill bit consisting of tougher material but lesser diameter than the broken drill bit. Then drill a small hole into the broken drill bit. Now use the screw extractor, rotate it to fit the broken drill bit, and extract it by putting rotational force.

2. How to remove a broken drill bit from steel

Use a set of pliers to take out a drill bit broken inside a steel object. Grab the broken drill bit’s exposed part with pliers and twist the bit gently to loosen it. Slowly start pulling the broken drill bit while rotating it in both clockwise and anticlockwise directions. As soon as the drill bit is loosened enough, it will come out of the steel body. This method also works for other metals. Whereas, for a broken drill bit with no exposed part to grab on to, you may need to drill around the broken drill bit to loosen it and eventually take it out.

3. How to remove a broken drill bit stuck in a hole

With pliers, you can easily remove a broken drill bit that is stuck in a hole. Pliers can be used to grab and pull-out drill bits using twisting and pulling force. On the other hand, for stubborn broken drill bits that are hard to take out from the hole, you will need to use a drill extractor to take out the broken bit.

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