5 Best Compact Folding Treadmills

If your living area does not have much space for fitness equipment, here are some of the best slim flat-folding treadmills that you can store under your bed.
1. Asuna 8730 ►►Motor: 2.5-peak HP, Speed: 0.6MPH to 8MPH
2. Julyfox ►►Motor: high torque 1.5 HP, Speed: 0 to 6MPH
3. WalkingPad A1 ►►Motor: 1.0 HP, Speed: 0.31 to 3.72MPH
4. Goplus 2 in 1 ►►Motor: 2.25 HP, Speed: 0.6 to 7.45MPH
5. WalkingPad R1 Pro ►►Motor: 1.2 HP, Speed: 0.31 to 6.20MPH
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